Frequently Asked Questions

Why apply with us?

NIE4SpainONLINE are a team of professionals with over 12 years experience in guiding customers smoothly through this process (Hear what our Customers say about us on Facebook!).

Do I need to understand Spanish?

No, because included in your application fee we translate this Spanish document into English for you.

If we are a married couple do we both need an NIE number?

Yes you will both need a unique NIE number if you want to for example, buy a property jointly. If a property was to be in one name then you only need one NIE number.

Should I be concerned about giving a Power of Attorney to someone I do not know?

No, this document is solely for this purpose and they can only use it to obtain an NIE number.

Can I cancel my Power of Attorney?

Yes, of course, please send us an email requesting the original documents be returned.

Are there any hidden costs in the application process?

Generally no, but if you apply in person there is a small charge levied by the local authority which may vary from time to time. This is payable at the bank when presenting the documentation.

Why is the application fee more expensive online?

Because we have to prepare the Power of Attorney, pay your fees to the government, and use an express/secure postal service to return your NIE number.

If I change my passport number, will I need to change my NIE number?

No, but keep a record of your old passport number, as this will be linked to your existing NIE number.

Will I need to renew my NIE number?

No, this number is unique and will always remain the same.

What do I do if I lose my NIE number?

If you originally completed this application in person, you will need to make a new appointment with us to obtain a copy. If you did your application via a Power of Attorney then we can re-apply for this number and send you a copy without you attending in person.

Can I use my Identity Card to apply for a NIE Number?

Yes, this is acceptable in place of a Passport.

Can I find the status of my online application with NIE4SpainONLINE?

Yes, just use our "Existing Customer" login and you will be able to see where we are with the application.

My passport is in my married name but I am going through a divorce. I have changed my name back to maiden by deed poll, but have not yet changed my passport. Do I need to do this first? or is my deed poll cert enough to prove to power of attorney when witnessing me sign my document?

Although officially you have all the papers legally correct and prepared, really we would suggest you wait (if at all possible) for your NIE application.

In Spain if they become uncertain about an issue of identity or if there is the slightest bit of doubt they will very quickly say no rather than gain a full understanding of the situation. Better to wait if you can.

I am having my English car matriculated to have Spanish plates put on, as I now living in Spain. Do I need a NIE number to do this?

You will not be able to do anything until you have an NIE number, also you will need Empadronamiento (Padron) at your local Town Hall & to file papers with the Hacienda to register yourself on the Census. The vehicle will also need to go for an ITV.

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